Average Personal Injury Settlement Amount in Illinois [2024 Updated]

An individual can file a personal injury claim in Illinois if they were harmed by the negligent actions or behavior of another reckless individual. “Harm” may include bodily injury, property damage, pain and suffering, and types of damages. While every personal injury case is different, it’s crucial that you work closely with an Illinois personal injury lawyer who can advocate for your interests.

Below, you can find more information on personal injury settlements in Illinois.

Recent Examples of Illinois Personal Injury Compensation for Vehicle Accidents

Compensation for personal injury cases varies depending on several factors, including the type of personal injury, the severity of the damages and injuries, and how convincing the available evidence is.

Personal injuries from car crashes can range widely, with moderate injuries receiving payouts ranging between $13,000 and $60,000, while serious bodily wounds may reach $70,000+. The following are recent examples of payouts in Illinois car accident claims:

  • After being rear-ended by a negligent driver allegedly distracted by their cell phone, the victim suffered whiplash cervical/lumbar sprains and muscle damage. The claim awarded a $35,000 verdict compensation.
  • A passenger in a car crash caused by the liable driver’s failure to yield and a negligent left-hand turn resulted in the plaintiff suffering facial lacerations and scarring. The case had a $50,000 settlement.
  • A tractor-trailer operator was rear-ended by another semi-trailer going 65 mph and sustained injuries including a concussion, herniated discs requiring multiple surgeries, and permanent nerve damage with diminished function in the left leg. The compensation awarded was $145,000.
  • A man operating a backhoe on a construction site was hit by a public bus; he claimed the bus driver’s negligent speeding led to his injuries. The jury granted him a $235,000 settlement that was reduced to $223,250 after comparative negligence was argued.

Examples of Medical Malpractice Settlement Amounts

Cases of medical malpractice and nursing home abuse are especially serious since healthcare providers and staff are entrusted to alleviate present harm and not cause further damage. Failure to uphold this duty can lead to severe injury, illness, and death. These types of personal injury claims tend to involve the most vulnerable members of society, those being the elderly and young children. Here are some examples of nursing home negligence:

  • After a claim was filed against a nursing home that provided negligent care to an 89-year-old woman and caused her death, the family was awarded $250,000. Her injuries, including bed sores and wounds from multiple falls, such as a hip fracture, resulted in complications.
  • A 66-year-old woman underwent various procedures for heart disease and myocardial/cardiac ischemia and died two days later. The patient’s family claimed wrongful death resulting from negligent care and received a $1 million settlement.
  • An 80-year-old woman receiving hospice care in a nursing home was found by her daughters to not be given continuous oxygen support due to a power outage in her room. As the woman was in extreme distress, her daughters searched for a nurse or other support staff for 20 minutes to no avail. The woman died from lack of oxygen, and the verdict awarded the surviving family $5,500,000 in damages.
  • During childbirth, fetal monitoring indicated signs of distress in the infant, yet the mother’s obstetrician chose to forego a C-section in favor of waiting for a natural birth, which was delayed by 30 minutes. The infant was deprived of oxygen, enduring brain damage. The defendants initially denied accusations of negligence but agreed to a $11 million settlement.


Q: What Is the Average Personal Injury Settlement in Illinois?

A: The median settlement amount for personal injury claims that go to trial ranges from $26,000 to $50,000+. However, it’s critical to note that every personal injury case is incredibly different. This means that the unique factors of your accident will have a large influence on the amount you’re awarded. For example, if you suffer a catastrophic injury as a result of someone’s negligence, you may receive more compensation than if you just sustained a minor injury.

Q: How Is a Personal Injury Settlement Calculated in Illinois?

A: The compensation amount a claim may earn depends on the circumstances of the incident and the effectiveness of the attorney representing you. Cases that provide strong evidence to establish the degree of negligence of the liable party are more likely to win a settlement, and likely a higher amount, over claims with insufficient or inconclusive proof. Your settlement will be the total of all economic and non-economic damages that a judge awards.

Q: What Percentage Does a Lawyer Get in a Settlement Case in Illinois?

A: Illinois lawyers are entitled to up to 33.3% of your awarded settlement plus any relevant costs. Extra costs could include retainer fees, filing fees, and other service costs. Additionally, your medical providers and insurance company may also be subject to receive a portion of the compensation. If you took out any loans to finance your case, your settlement payout would also be used to repay those. The remaining funds are then yours to keep.

Q: How Much Compensation Can You Get from a Personal Injury?

A: There’s no exact method to figure out how much you may be awarded in financial compensation after a personal injury. Even though it’s a rough estimation, consulting with a qualified personal injury attorney can help to give you the most accurate guess of the compensation that you’re entitled to. A lawyer can work hard to get you the maximum compensation possible and help to cover your past and future medical costs.

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