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There is no doubt that traffic crashes come with a big price tag. With an average of 6 million car crashes recorded in the US every year, it is not a big surprise that medical costs are soaring high. Medical costs in Madison County car wrecks are no different.

According to a 2018 report made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the total medical costs of traffic crashes in the state of Illinois is $15 million. On top of that, there are $1.69 billion work loss costs associated with accidents that happen on the road.

Being involved in a car crash is too much to handle. You have to deal with damage to property, bodily injuries, and even death. The last thing you want to worry about is the medical bill.

That is why, if you are involved in a Madison County car accident, know your rights. Be sure to seek help from an experienced car wreck attorney, so you get paid properly and do not need to pay unnecessarily for things you are not supposed to pay for.

What are the Medical Costs Associated with a Car Wreck?

Car accidents are unpredictable. Most people are caught off guard when it is time to pay hospital bills. Consider this 2012 statistics published by the CDC about vehicular accidents:

  • The average cost of an emergency room visit is $3,300.
  • The average cost of hospitalization is $57,000.
  • The total lifetime cost of all patients is about $18 billion.

The cost can be higher today if you consider the inflation rate. Moreover, according to studies, people between 15 to 29 years old pay the highest amount of medical bills.

What Medical Bills Could I Expect after a Car Wreck?

So, you might think why are medical costs so expensive for vehicular accidents? Here is a quick look at what you need to pay for:

  • Emergency room expenses
  • Ambulance service
  • Diagnostic tests such as MRIs, blood tests, and X-rays
  • Doctor’s fee
  • Hospital service
  • Therapy fee
  • Medication
  • Medical equipment
  • Personal care and additional costs

As you can see, vehicular accidents are expensive not just because of the loss or damage of property, but also for the medical bills that may ensue. Even minor injuries can drill a hole in your pocket. Just imagine how much you are going to pay for fatal injuries such as internal organ damage or broken bones.

Who Pays for Your Medical Bills?

While it may not be nice to hear, the fact is, you are responsible to pay all your medical bills. However, the good news is, you do not have to pay all of them out of your pocket. Depending on your situation, you might get help in paying your bills from the at-fault party or from insurance companies.

Basically, what this means is that paying your medical bills is your responsibility, but the source of your money is not limited to your resources. Here are some of the ways you can get your needed fund to pay off your medical bills:

Your Personal Savings

If you do not have any other source, it is more likely that you will be forced to resort to out-of-pocket expenditures.

Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance is a smart way to lower your risk when you drive. It can dramatically reduce or even eliminate completely the need to pay your medical bills from your own pocket.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

PIP is a great way for you to recover lost income due to a vehicular accident. Not only that but even if the cause of the accident is you, you still get covered.

Car accidents can lead to financial hardships. When this happens, you can talk to your health care providers and determine whether you can get an easier payment arrangement. You can also get in touch with various organizations to help lower your hospital bills.

Medical Payments Coverage

The medical payments coverage is specially designed to help policyholders pay for hospital bills and funeral expenses caused by a car accident. Since this auto insurance is optional, not all drivers have it.

If in case you have medical payments coverage, you, as the primary policyholder, get covered as well as your family member who might drive your car and any other passengers who are in the vehicle during an accident.

Auto Liability Insurance

In cases where you are found to be at fault in a car accident, you will be glad that you have auto liability insurance. If you are the victim and the at fault driver has this coverage, this is a source of money to pay your bills. This type of insurance helps in paying damages to other people’s property and hospitalization for catastrophic injuries.

Get Legal Help with Medical Costs from a Madison County Car Wreck Lawyer

Imagine paying all the medical expenses for injuries you did not cause. That sounds unfair. If you believe that your car wreck accident in Illinois is not your fault, then you have the right to seek just compensation. Of course, this can be tough especially if you are not familiar with the law.

Thankfully, you can always get in touch with a Madison County car accident lawyer. Do not hesitate to get professional advice. You will never know how much it can help you pay off your hospital bills completely.

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