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Thousands of children are born in health facilities every day. Modern technology has made it safer for both the newborn and parent from pregnancy to childbirth. Medical personnel receive a lot of training to ensure fast and effective treatment when needed.

Despite all the precautions taken, injuries occasionally occur during labor and delivery. According to a UN study, about 0.4% of children born in the United States suffer an injury during childbirth, and infant mortality is still a problem in the United States according to the CDC.

These injuries can affect either the child, mother, or both with varying degrees of seriousness. If you or your child suffered an injury during childbirth, speak with an experienced attorney. A Madison County birth injury lawyer could advise on pursuing legal recourse.

Why Birth Injuries Occur

Several factors can result in serious birth injuries, along with a variety of complications during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Our Madison County attorneys commonly handle the following types of birth injuries and factors that cause them.

Inducing Labor

Labor induction refers to the act of artificially forcing childbirth. There are many reasons for inducing labor like fetal growth restrictions, post-term pregnancy, placental abruption, and other medical conditions.

Some common drugs used to induce labor like Pitocin can cause placental abruption, uterine rupture, or uterine hyperstimulation resulting in extreme contractions that can cause fetal injury.

Breech Birth

Breech births occur when delivery occurs while the baby is in the feet-first position instead of head-first.

The baby may suffer from fractured bones, brain injuries, umbilical cord problems, or injured nerves in an arm causing severe pain, burning sensation, numbness or weakness, or inability to feel the affected limb (brachial plexus injury).

Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean section may be performed to prevent injuries to both mother and child, for example, those in breech births. However, it can result in complications like lacerations, breathing problems, or physical trauma in children. Mothers may become infected or experience hemorrhaging.

Use of Forceps

In some cases, a child can get stuck in the birth canal. The doctor may use a tool resembling a pair of tongs, called a forceps, in the delivery.

Forceps, when improperly used, can cause brain injuries, nerve damage, vaginal lacerations, or uterine rupture.

Wrong Medicine

There are some medications that pregnant mothers should not take. These medications can cause defects or miscarriages.

Other common causes of birth injuries include prolonged labor, vacuum extraction, and asphyxia.

What Can You Do in Case of Birth Injuries?

If you or your child suffered an injury during childbirth, you are likely to face many challenges while dealing with the emotional, financial, and physical results over many years. It may not be possible to undo the damage done, but there are legal avenues you can pursue if the injury is due to medical malpractice.

In Illinois, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit, but there are time limits to filing a lawsuit. The usual time for Illinois medical malpractice lawsuits is usually two years, but this can be extended because of the minor’s age. Since it may not be possible to detect said injuries while the child is young, more years are allowed for suspected childbirth injuries.

Consult a Madison County Birth Injury Attorney

You should consult a lawyer who is well-versed in malpractice laws to help build your case. You should not delay in taking action because the statute of limitations, along with other requirements, can derail any claim you may have.

If you have suffered from medical negligence during childbirth, you have a right to seek compensation and recover money caused by the injury. Call a Madison County birth injury lawyer today.


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