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The human brain is incredibly powerful, but it is also highly vulnerable to traumatic physical injuries. When the brain is physically damaged, the victim can experience a wide range of possible effects, some of which will be life-changing. If you or a loved one recently sustained a traumatic brain injury because of another party’s actions, a Jersey County traumatic brain injury lawyer can help hold them accountable for your damages.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Brain Injury Claims in Jersey County, IL

Joshua R. Evans, Attorney at Law, offers client-focused personal injury counsel to victims of traumatic brain injuries across Jersey County. Our firm takes time to develop individualized case strategies for every client we represent, and our goal in every case is maximum client recovery. We know how complex and damaging any brain injury can be, and our team can carefully review all the details of your case to help you reach optimal results in your recovery efforts.

In any personal injury case, the plaintiff is more likely to not only succeed with their case but also maximize their recovery when they have legal counsel on their side. You can rely on your Jersey County traumatic brain injury lawyer to help gather the evidence needed to prove fault, establish the full extent of your claimable damages, and guide you through the legal proceedings necessary to secure your recovery.

Building a Traumatic Brain Injury Claim in Jersey County

Before the victim of any personal injury will be able to recover compensation for their damages, they will first need to prove the exact cause of their damages. This means identifying the party or parties responsible for causing their injury and proving exactly how they caused it. This will be more challenging in some cases than others. Brain injuries can happen from vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and many other possible causes.

Your Jersey County traumatic brain injury lawyer can help gather the evidence needed to establish liability, and once the fault is established, you can proceed with claiming compensation for the damages you suffered. A traumatic brain injury is likely to lead to very expensive medical bills, and the victim may be unable to work while they recover from their injury. Some victims will be permanently disabled and will not be able to return to work at all in the future.

It’s possible for a brain injury to interfere with the victim’s life in many ways. Their medical bills can add up quickly, and this, compounded with the inability to work, can create a very difficult financial situation for their family in a very short time. Additionally, any brain injury has the potential to cause a wide range of physical and psychological effects, some of which may be permanent.

In addition to economic damages, a plaintiff in a traumatic brain injury case may also claim pain and suffering compensation. This aspect of their case award is meant to reflect the physical pain, psychological distress, and diminished quality of life they have experienced due to the defendant’s actions. Your Jersey Couty personal injury attorney can provide valuable guidance when it comes to maximizing this aspect of your recovery.

FAQs for TBI Attorneys

Q: How Do You Prove Fault for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A: You prove fault for a traumatic brain injury in Jersey County by leveraging available evidence and witness testimony. Success with your claim will require clear proof that another party’s actions directly caused the injury. You must prove that the defendant in your claim was negligent or acted illegally in a manner that directly caused the injury and that your claimed damages solely resulted from the defendant’s actions and not from any other cause.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Personal Injury Suit?

A: The statute of limitations for a personal injury suit in Illinois is usually two years, and this time limit will start on the date an injury occurs. The plaintiff will need to work quickly to gather the evidence and testimony they will need to prove fault for their injury. Working with an experienced attorney can make this process much easier. It is always in the plaintiff’s interest to start building their case as quickly as possible after an injury.

Q: Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Permanent?

A: Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent effects, even those that appear to be mild at first. One of the most challenging aspects of treating brain injuries is their unpredictability. It is possible for two people to appear to suffer the exact same brain injury and yet have vastly different medical outcomes. While some brain injuries are more damaging and cause profound disabilities, any brain injury leaves the victim more susceptible to future brain injuries.

Q: What Compensation Can I Recover From a Personal Injury Claim?

A: The compensation you can recover from a personal injury claim may include economic and non-economic damages, and you could also receive punitive damages if the defendant was egregiously negligent or acted illegally in causing your injury. The total value of your claim depends on the severity of your injury, and an experienced Jersey County traumatic brain injury lawyer can help assess the full value of all your claimable damages.

Q: What Are Attorneys’ Fees for a Traumatic Brain Injury Claim?

A: Attorneys’ fees for your traumatic brain injury claim will depend on your chosen attorney’s billing policy. Joshua R. Evans, Attorney at Law, does not charge personal injury clients any upfront legal fees. Instead, we collect a percentage of our client’s final award as our fee, but only after we win our client’s case. There is no fee if we are unable to obtain compensation for you, so there is no financial risk in choosing our firm to represent you.

The right attorney can have a tremendous positive influence on the outcome of your impending traumatic brain injury claim. Our goal is to help our client maximize their recovery in the shortest possible timeframe, and we can leverage the full extent of our professional resources and experience to help you accomplish this. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation with an experienced Jersey County traumatic brain injury lawyer.

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