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Loss of Income Due to A Car Accident in Jersey County

Injuries obtained from car accidents almost always leave the victim suffering financially; the costs mount due to medical bills, transport expenses, and at-home care expenses. On top of rising bills, injured parties will often lose their income for some time or permanently.

Luckily, Jersey County allows you to claim compensation for lost income with your insurance company. Jersey County residents can take advantage of this, even as you claim other non-economic damages. If you experienced a loss of income due to a Jersey County car accident, reach out to an experienced attorney today.

Claims for Loss of Income

Loss of income refers to a loss of wages or a salary due to injuries inflicted by the defendant. You mostly use the term when pursuing economic damages from insurance companies.

For a person to qualify for lost income compensation, they must provide evidence to prove:

Proof of Lost Wages

Proof of lost wages includes business invoices or receipts. You must supply this to set a basis for calculating lost earnings and future wages.

Pay Slips and Financial Records

You should present your pay stubs and financial records from before your injury. These provide an accurate figure of how much money you make.

Medical Documentation

Your doctor should provide you with medical records, photos of your injuries, and a letter describing your injuries. Medical documents provide proof that the injuries caused your loss of income.

Missed Overtime

Find documents supporting your claim of missed overtime hours due to injuries from a car crash. Your employer can provide documents and proof that you have worked overtime and earned from it.

Missed Career Advancement

Missing work for prolonged periods can make you miss out on career advancement opportunities. Motor vehicle accidents often cause individuals to miss work for a few days, weeks, or even months. Your employer can provide evidence of missed promotion opportunities and pay raises.

Employer Letter

You can ask your employer for a letter explaining your employment status, hours missed, compensation, identification details, and other related information.

Claims of Income Loss for Self-Employed

If you are self-employed and your business has been consistent, you can submit your tax return history to help calculate damages. Independent workers without a consistent salary can use growing profits from their business to calculate damages.

Loss of Future Earnings

Some injuries can lead to missing work for extended periods. You may miss work because you are in the hospital, receiving treatment for your injuries, or incapable of performing in your job. Extended periods of missing work can lead to dismissal.

You may also suffer injuries that reduce your ability to perform as well at your job. In such instances, your earnings take a dip. A car crash injury can also make it next to impossible to advance your career. In some cases, your injuries can force you to change careers to one that pays less.

Compensation for future earnings depends on your ability to earn. The court can calculate damages using your past pay and projected income compared to other professionals in your vocation.

An experienced injury lawyer can compile evidence to build your case for loss of future earnings. Medical evidence stating the expected time for recovery should be available to the court; this information is necessary for calculating how much you can get as compensation.

Should I Get a Jersey County Lawyer for a Loss of Income after a Car Crash?

Many of the processes involved in court cases are complex and may require legal expertise to navigate. An experienced lawyer can be the difference between a payout and missing out. Call an attorney skilled at recovering compensation for loss of income due to a Jersey County car accident.

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